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Activation keywords: Queen_Medb, a anime styled drawing of a girl with long pink hair and white clothes, 1girl, long hair, solo, pink hair, dress, medb (fate), smile, outdoors, high heels, full body, city background, tiara, white bag, sleeveless, white dress, sleeveless dress,, standing, 1girl, medb (fate), solo, white swimsuit, long hair, bikini, tiara, pink hair, day, twintails, breasts, smile, outdoors, looking at viewer, navel, black mini skirt,, ,Queen_Medb, a female anime character in white shorts, 1girl, medb (fate), long hair, pink hair, solo, gloves, skirt, navel, white gloves, holding, open mouth, smile, looking at viewer, :d, white skirt, yellow eyes, outdoors, city background,, a young woman wearing a mittens, medb (fate), 1girl, solo, long hair, pink hair, smile, looking at viewer, fur coat, tiara, white footwear, thighhighs, outdoors, city background,, the cartoon woman is standing on the sand by a rocky outcrop, 1girl, solo, pink hair, long hair, yellow eyes, swimsuit, navel, bikini, smile, day, the female character is wearing a purple outfit and a black bodysuit, 1girl, solo, pink hair, long hair, sandals, navel, yellow eyes, outdoors, beach background, posing,, Queen_Medb, a sexy woman in red outfit, medb (fate), 1girl, riding crop,breasts, solo, thigh boots, navel, gloves, peaked cap, pink hair, hat, boots, cleavage, elbow gloves, skirt, thighhighs, smile, medium breasts, outdoors, city background,, and a pretty cartoon of a sexy girl in a bikini sitting on a palm tree island, 1girl, swimsuit, solo, day, outdoors, long hair, bikini, pink hair, beach, breasts, medb (fate), navel, open mouth, smile, looking at viewer, yellow eyes, white bikini, side-tie bikini bottom, sky, medium breasts, cloud, palm tree, tree, :d, hat, blue sky, ocean, cleavage

Queen Medb Fate Grand Order

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