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Activation keywords: MoriCalliope, long hair, hime cut, MoriBase, long hair, veil, tiara, long black sleeveless dress, cleavage, side slit, torn black cape, shoulder spikes, single black thighhigh, detached sleeves, see-through sleeve, MoriStreetwear, long hair, ponytail, baseball cap, necklace, hoop earrings, open track jacket, two-tone red and black track jacket, black sweatpants, white halter shirt, skull print, midriff, MoriStreetwear, long hair, ponytail, necklace, hoop earrings, white halter shirt, sleeveless, skull print, midriff, black sweatpants, MoriDress, side ponytail, hair flower, strapless dress, red dress, detached collar, wrist cuffs, lace armband, MoriNewYears, hair flower, hair ornament, short hair, detached collar, black kimono, bare shoulders, sash, MoriUnderworldOrder, long hair, backwards hat, headphones around neck, black jacket, red tube top, midriff, black pants, MoriSleep, long hair, messy hair, sleep mask, mask on head, black nightgown, MoriSheriff, long hair, choker, black cowboy hat, white shirt, cleavage, black vest, belt, black shorts, knee boots, black coat, MoriOnePiece, long hair, black bodysuit, red gloves, headphones, red thighhighs, black panties, and MoriQSuit, long hair, pant suit, black jacket, black shirt, collared shirt, black pants, navel, black gloves, white belt, sunglasses, eyewear on head

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