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Just dream up what you want and we optimize to get great images at scale. xl_more_art-full / xl_real / Enhancer is perfect for anime, animals, art, realism, detailed armor, style, illustration, detailed, photorealism, realistic, landscape, detail, enhancer, creative, detailed texture, detailer, 3d character, refiner, and photorealisic images

About this model:

This is version of xl_more_art-full_v1 with finetuned image of Natural fractal

This model is a little too reactive to certain words like fractal, flower, leaf, tree...

It tends to flatten the images.

Reactive words :

intricate flower wallpaper leaves arafed inspired plant leaf beautiful vibrant skin water flowers pattern veins fractal carline coral spiral macro trees inside palm forest art fractals organic composition droplets lit microscopic symmetrical eye carapic abstract colorful structure fibonacci angle liquid tree covered eyes hyperdetailed symmetry glass bubbles wavy lush explosion energy kolkoutine dome marble grain” broccoli reptile sun ice circle fantasy symmetric river corals atmospheric crown cosmic beeple teal bird staircase deep jan growing space cone metal feathers hurufiyya buds degrees sand jungle ancient tropical wings maze-like winning canvas calatrava grass volumetric waves branches lot salvia cactus neon spines pine lotus iris arbor powerful shell hole cracked floating fern lava fluid frozen bone aster sunlight ocean rosette curvaceous natural honeycomb portal dress circular atmospheric” crystal muted rays post-processing fungus simulacrum bleda petals intricacy various swirl bubble splashes spider hexagonal leather structures cacti extraterrestial brock podedworna farm destiny web ruffles weavers snake effect sunny vnuk drain terracotta hofer spike molecular gloomy brain feather grid jewels horns mathematical shape ivory tesselation coxcomb patterned symmetrically hasselblad oil wood sunrise ink desert worm frill munford curve stalagtites stone sunflower twisting spiralling carnival galactic pineapples angled redwood shore multidimensional scruffy star juice crater overlayed leafy shishk alien oni dragon vine eggs flocks kidney hexagons reef ecosystem horne octan krasovskiy jaegwan sprouts tundra quarter fossilized three spirals cast particles carvings clouds fawcett ribcage heim coin radial gelon curvatures anemones vault line profile furry hastur interlocking caspar blocking seashell painted pretty peppermint motif flora-lush-crater biomechanical cathedral tcolor behance whie brushed candy worms minn velleneuve loosely jewelry meadows adobe gothic carnation shattered quaint snow crypto soap lights krūmiņš mustard abstractions wisconsin hug kavisky lettuce lake mandelbrot cascade sponge hillside hemlocks baer heart slabs botanical pearls twilight seeds dandelion skeleton carapace lavander antennae amazon rainforest glowing resembling stars rust needles kiwi rock

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Produce eye-catching images on xl_more_art-full / xl_real / Enhancer with our autoscale system. You can create thousands of images on top of our cluster to get images incredibly fast. No more waiting around on your local machine for results.

Test variants and ideas quickly with our csv system

Have a general idea you want to test, but its not coming out exactly as you want, use our mass generator import system to generate many variations to find the perfect image you are looking for. You can write in excel, csv, or any other tool that exports CSV.
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Build a custom model on top of xl_more_art-full / xl_real / Enhancer

Like the results you see with xl_more_art-full / xl_real / Enhancer and want to build your own on top of it? No problem, we provide infrastructure to easily build on top of it. Just give us a few images and we will build a new model on top of it. (This feature is in private beta)

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Use our omni prompt tool and compare xl_more_art-full / xl_real / Enhancer with any models you want. You just put in your prompts and select the models and it runs instantly.

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