Play Station 5 Scalpers Left In The Dust As Normal Supplies Return

Great news for gamers! The days of struggling to find a PlayStation 5 console for a reasonable price are coming to an end! During the pandemic and the chip crisis, scalpers were taking advantage of the situation and selling the consoles for obscene amounts, leaving many gamers feeling frustrated and helpless. However, thanks to improved supplies from Sony, scalpers are now being forced to lower their prices. You can now find many PS5 listings on sites like eBay at or even below the suggested retail price. The days of paying upwards of $1,500 for a PS5 console are long gone, and most new models are now between $450 and $499. You can even find second-hand machines for even cheaper prices! It's no surprise that Redditors who suffered at the hands of PS5 scalpers are showing little sympathy for them now. In fact, some are even hoping that scalpers will have to lower their prices even further before they can sell their consoles, just for the sake of a good laugh! But the good news doesn't stop there. Rumors have been circulating that Sony is planning to launch a new and improved version of the PS5, called the PS5 Pro. The new console is said to offer better ray tracing abilities, improved visual fidelity, and general performance. This means that scalpers could be in for an even tougher time over the coming months as gamers wait to get their hands on the latest and greatest from Sony. So, let's celebrate the end of PS5 scalping and the return of reasonable prices for gamers everywhere! It's time to put away those absurdly high-priced listings and enjoy the world of gaming once again without breaking the bank.

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