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The Diffusion Pulse Newsletter: SDXL Technical Report Official Release

SDXL Technical Report Official Release

How To Use SDXL On RunPod Tutorial. Auto Installer & Refiner & Amazing Native Diffusers Based Gradio

Bright Eye: free mobile AI app to generate art, text, analyzes photos, and more! (GPT-4 powered)

After Diffusion: An Open-Source CEP Extension bringing the Stable Diffusion webUI directly into After Effects!

New Kandinsky 2.2 features ControlNet and code for LORA fine tuning

Stability AI Cofounder Says Emad Mostaque Tricked Him Into Selling Stake For $100

SDXL 0.9 image: Scarecrow

Genolve Adds Generative AI Art to Its Online Design Platform

Stable Diffusion Inference Benchmark

Images: Politicians who hate each other being best friends

Create original Fantasy novels using GPT-Author (GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion API)

Meet Web Stable Diffusion: An AI Project That Brings Stable Diffusion Models To Web Browsers.

Alibaba Launches AI Image Generator Similar to DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion.

Skybox AI Model V2 Creates 360° images with increased creativity & realism.

Vodka V4: Decoupling Text Encoder and UNET Learning Rates