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The Diffusion Pulse Newsletter #011

Text-To-4D Dynamic Scene Generation

Shutterstock Introduces Generative AI to its All-In-One Creative Platform

Stable Diffusion native app for Mac

Training Stable Diffusion from Scratch Costs <$160k

How to Personalize Stable Diffusion for All the Things

Extracting Training Data from Diffusion Models

AudioLDM: Text-to-Audio Generation with Latent Diffusion Models

Stable Diffusion “memorizes” some images, sparking privacy concerns

Stable Diffusion and Imagen Can Reproduce Training Data Almost Perfectly

Reverse engineer Stable Diffusion prompts

Accelerated Stable Diffusion with PyTorch 2

AI Mint – Generative art meets digital wallets

KD 5.0 – Abstract Geometric Art

Attend-and-Excite: Attention-Based Semantic Guidance for Text-to-Image Diffusion Models

Depth2Image AI Use Case Round Up

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