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The Diffusion Pulse Newsletter #008

No more sudden rain with Stable Diffusion weather forecasts

Check out this Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator!

Collaboration between LAION and the Stable Horde

Personalized wardrobe advice imagined with AI!

Stable Diffusion Leap Booster

El Pintador: Artist In Your Pocket

Dreamworks artist receives backlash after using AI-art with a handpainted image as reference

Diffusion Toolkit Beta v0.8.6 by Rupert Avery is now available for pre-release!

Free storage, search and analytics for your Stable Diffusion images

DreamShaper 2.52 is officially here!

Simple Guide to Run Text to Image Using Stable Diffusion, with/Without GPU

Deploy DreamBooth and Stable Diffusion on a Vultr Cloud GPU

Ultimate SD Upscale extension for AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion web UI

Make smooth transition videos with Latent Blending!

Ai Prompt Studio Version 2 Released

Sci-Fi Diffusion 1.0 is now released 

Code for faster diffusion model sampling MCMC Release

Best resource collection I found on AI Arts, AR and ChatGPT

Check out Marian Bantjes’ take on Artificial Intelligence with this two-part blog:

Part 1: I dive into Midjourney and take a swim around

Part 2: In which I dive into AI and start to drown: Copyright and impact.