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The Diffusion Pulse Newsletter #007

Text-to-Image Diffusion Models for 3D Images!

You can now run Stable Diffusion natively on your Mac devices using this Mochi Diffusion

Upgrade Your Closet with this Fashion AI made with Stable Diffusion

Three-Eyed Forehead in Stable Diffusion

Take a look at this Text-To-Image program from Microsoft Bing

Adobe is collecting all of its customers’ pictures into a machine learning training set

Translate Your Marketing Ads in Different Languages through Multilingual Generation

Biology Meets DALL-E with this Artificial Protein Drugs!

Create Instagram-worthy photos for any product with Pebblely

AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion was banned for sharing NSFW embeddings

Making Stable Diffusion Faster with Intelligent Caching

Here’s a Model Fine-Tuned on over 700 Macro Images

Muse: Text-To-Image Generation via Masked Generative Transformers

Here’s a Stable Diffusion Toolkit for you!

[TUTORIAL] How Does Negative Prompt Work?

The Physics Principle That Inspired Modern AI Art