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The Diffusion Pulse Newsletter #005

Stable Diffusion has now expanded to the music industry!

AMD RDNA 3 Uses Stable Diffusion in their latest release

Character-Aware Models Improve Visual Text Rendering

Tutorial: How to Use Google Colab in Creating Your Very Own AI avatars

NEWS: Unstable Diffusion Commits to Fighting Back Against the Anti-AI Mob

An Architect for San Francisco uses Stable Diffusion to create Architectural Designs

Do you love playing Wordle? Check out this Wordle-inspired AI Art game!

Level up your Discord servers using this new Stable Diffusion Bot for A111

Automatic1111’s Stable Diffusion WebUI Easy Installer & Cool Launcher

Someone created a GTA Loading Screen Version of Elon Musk, Trump, and Zuckerberg

Google Deepmind’s Flamingo is a game changer

TUTORIAL: Learn how to be Britney Spears with this Stable Diffusion tutorial!

Listen to this Jingle Bell Rock with AI-animated concept art

TUTORIAL: How to make comics & storyboards with Stable Diffusion

Wanna Time-Travel? Man Simulates Fictional Time Travel Thanks to Stable Diffusion

Try this Stable Diffusion “Notebook” on Github that allows you to generate images

Do you like Vampires? Take a loot at this vampire style Dreambooth model

Check Out Automatic111’s Auto Photoshop Stable Diffusion Plugin on GitHub

Take a look at this “Lousy Drawing” image generator through Stable Diffusion